(Screen Sign Up) UBER / LYFT drivers
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(Screen Sign Up) UBER / LYFT drivers

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If you drive for a ride share service


Sign up to get a screen installed in your vehicle and start earning today!!


How it works, If you are a driver Nsight Ads will install a screen that displays Nsight Ads Content in your vehicle. The riders will love the screens and info it provides. While you as a driver get paid up to $40 a month for just having a screen on your headrest. 

Easy money for you!

Use the extra cash for Gas, for Snacks, and other extra personal needs. 

You can earn extra money for what you are already doing! it is like earning a $40 bouns Every month. Try it now! 

(Drivers will be qualified before selected to participate, based on amount of hours worked and driver rating). 

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