Advertising in (UBER & LYFT)  limited space | $300| Per Month

Advertising in (UBER & LYFT) limited space | $300| Per Month

Sale price $300.00 Regular price $2,200.00

Everyone needs more sales!

Are you looking for a new marketing strategy?  Is your marketing strategy up to date? 

Look no further, The Rideshare Channel is the revolutionary advertising/marketing platform.

Interactive Screen, with Video ads, and Real time| Geo location based ads.  It is really a game changer. Get leads right from the rideshare. Turn riders into your customers! Collect emails and phone numbers of customers who are looking for your service and product.


Need the bang for your buck? Get The BANG for your buck.  Today's Generation is hard to get a hold of, always on the go. Now with the rideshare channel your brand can stick right with them everywhere they go. 




Averaging at Only $0.04 cents per view for non premium ads, and less than $0.09 cents per view for premium interactive ads.  

Do you have a business message or deal that needs to be in front of a huge captive marketing audience ? 

The Rideshare channel marketing platform is the perfect marketing tool for your business. 

- We have interactive screens in Uber and Lyft vehicles. We advertise your Business / Deals / Message to everyday riders. Rideshare Channel is also a perfect tool for Online based business promotions.

Our marketing platform drives maximum traffic to your business. 

For lower than $.9 cents per view. 

We reach a large audience bringing in lots of business.




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